Disability Retirements – Baltimore City Police and Fire

Members of the Baltimore City Police Department and the Baltimore City Fire Department are entitled to a line-of-duty disability retirement if they are physically unable to perform the full duties of their job as a result of an injury sustained while working.

A disability retirement provides benefits of two-thirds of the member's salary, tax-free, for the remainder of the member's life.

Typically, the application process begins once the Public Safety Infirmary (PSI) provides the member with a statement that his or her restrictions from working full duty are permanent. This usually occurs roughly one calendar year from the date that the member has last worked in a full duty capacity.

Our office has handled numerous disability retirement hearings for injured police officers and firefighters. Each case requires a hearing at 7 E. Redwood Street.

Further information regarding the Fire and Police Employee's Retirement System can be found here: http://www.bcfpers.org/.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your particular case.