About the Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon

About the Law Offices of…

The Law Office of Mitchel M. Gordon has been providing exceptional legal representation to clients since 1992.

Mitchel M. Gordon began his career as a police officer in the Baltimore City Police Department. While with the department, he attended the University of Baltimore School of Law in the evening and, upon passing the bar exam in 1988, he resigned from the police department to pursue his legal career.

Mitch joined a law firm in Baltimore where he worked for several years representing individuals in all areas of law. Many of his clients were police officers with whom he had worked while in the police department who were injured on the job. In 1992, Mitch branched out on his own and formed his own practice, the Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon. Over the years Mitch has handled thousands of workers' compensation and automobile accident cases on behalf of his clients.

In 2008, Mitch's twin sons, Matthew D. Gordon and Robert M. Gordon, followed in Mitch's footsteps, receiving their law degrees from the University of Baltimore School of Law and immediately joining the firm. Together they have successfully represented thousands of clients, maximizing settlements and recoveries while at the same time resolving cases in a fast and efficient manner.

The Law Office of Mitchel M. Gordon represents clients in the following legal areas:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury
    • Auto Accidents
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Slip and Falls
  • Disability Retirement
  • Criminal
  • Traffic / DWI / DUI

We welcome you to learn more about these areas of practice and about why clients choose our law firm. If you or someone you know needs legal representation, contact the Law Office of Mitchel M. Gordon immediately for a free consultation.