How long will my workers' compensation case remain open?

After your initial Award of Compensation, you have five years to file for additional compensation should your injury worsen. Regardless whether you reopen your claim for additional compensation, medical treatment remains open for life, provided it is determined that the recommended medical treatment stems from the work-related injury. The only exception to this rule is if the parties agree to a settlement that specifically states that the insurance company will not be responsible for any future medical treatment.

How quickly can I expect to receive money while I am off work?

Under workers' compensation, you are entitled to up to two-thirds of your salary while off work. The checks are paid either weekly or bi-weekly, and payments are typically issued once the insurance carrier receives disability slips from the doctor. However, if the insurance company chooses to deny the claim or does not believe you should be off work, it may refuse payment. Should this occur we will promptly file for a hearing to resolve the issue.

Most governmental employees are entitled to accident leave (or A-time) while off work which pays anywhere between two-thirds to your full salary depending on the agency. These payments come directly from the employer in a regular paycheck rather than from an insurance company. In order to receive accident leave, it is required that the injured worker see the employer's doctor (i.e. Mercy PSI, Concentra) for a duty status determination.

Can I choose my own doctor?

Yes. You have the right to treat with any doctor you choose. Oftentimes your employer will send you to its own doctor, who you should see only to determine your duty status (off work, light duty or full duty). Once cleared for full duty, you no longer need to see your employer's doctor but can still continue receiving medical treatment while working.

How much is my case worth?

There are many factors that go into determining the value of a workers' compensation claim, including which body parts were injured, the severity of the injuries, the treatment rendered, and the impairment ratings performed by independent doctors. Please contact us for an in-depth analysis of your particular case.

How long is the entire process?

The length of the workers' compensation claim process in Maryland varies significantly depending on the case, but the majority of claims are resolved within a few months of being discharged by your doctor.